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China zinc alloy die casting price

China zinc alloy die casting price

With the development of the economy, the mold industry is becoming more and more developed, and the requirements for molds in many industries are beginning to become more sophisticated. Due to the rapid development of the mold industry, my country’s high-end import and export volume of the mold industry has been rated as a global mold manufacturing country.

Although the total import and export volume of my country’s molds is increasing in terms of quantity, in fact, the molds exported are mainly low-end products, and the right to speak in the world market is not large. These problems restrict the sustainable development of the mold industry and have become a stumbling block on the development of the mold industry.

The multi-wire CNC flame cutting machine has high requirements for the reliability and real-time performance of the control system. In order to ensure the processing quality, it is necessary to control the wire tension during the cutting process. Accurately controlling the tension value and reducing the fluctuation of tension is a key technology of the multi-wire cutting machine, which is of great significance for improving the processing quality and continuous threading during the cutting process and improving the reliability of the equipment. In this project, the Omron NJ501 controller is used to connect multiple sets of servos through the EtherCAT bus for synchronous control, which effectively reduces tension fluctuations. 

1. Synchronization and tension control between the main shaft and the take-up and pay-off shafts   The main rotating axis is set as the main shaft, and the take-up and pay-off shafts are used as the slave axis. First establish the basic electronic gear ratio between the slave shaft and the main shaft, use the MC_GearIN instruction to establish a connection, and then use MC_MoveVelocity to start the main shaft. Afterwards, the MV output of PID fine-tuning can be synchronized between the master and the slave shaft and tension control by changing the basic electronic gear ratio. .

2. Cam control between the take-up shaft and the take-up shaft    In this system, the Omron NJ501 controller connects multiple sets of servos through the EtherCAT bus, forming the best combination for solving synchronous control. EtherCAT uses a distributed clock mechanism to ensure the synchronization between the axes with a refresh time of 100μs and a time base error of no more than 1μs, making it the fastest network in the market. In addition, NJ501’s programming software SYSMACSTUDIO can complete the configuration of controllers, networks, servos and other field devices through simple settings, and complete complex motion control through internal function blocks, and can use advanced sequences and The motion control simulation function pre-tests the motion trajectory in the 3D environment, which shortens the time for engineers to repeatedly debug on site, and greatly improves the productivity based on the operation of variables.

The take-up shaft is the main shaft, and the take-up shaft is the slave shaft to establish cam control to complete the take-up wheel arranging. Through the SYSMACSTUDIO cam editor, it is very convenient to create cam curves, and it is very convenient to adjust the distance between the created cam points, and you can also choose different modes of cam curve types to reduce the impact during the movement. And there are many ways of the spindle, which can be real axis, virtual axis, encoder axis, virtual encoder axis. Meet the needs of various devices and applications.



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