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Is dry cnc machining hard?

Is dry cnc machining hard?

Some factories specializing in mechanical processing with a higher starting point: some of them have CNC lathes, coordinate boring machines, vertical lathes, gear hobbing machines, milling machines, etc., but they have not seen how fast they have developed, and they are far inferior to those for assembly. And make the whole machine! They say there is only 10% profit at most.

So how much profit is engaged in machining?

The same thing and whatever the processing plant can produce is definitely not profitable. Everyone can only compete on product quality and refinement. The only way to do it is to have a separate and excellent mechanical design and R&D department. New products and processing techniques are constantly being developed. The benefits of improvement and innovation are relatively large. So I want to say: friends who are engaged in mechanical processing, don’t be passive in the market, but should strive to cater to the market. Only in this way can the profit of mechanical processing increase and rebound!

To be precise, I am a technician. I don’t know much about business matters, but it’s hard to separate technology from production and operation. Also often consider the cost aspect, so I also know some furs.

Generally speaking, pure turning, milling, planing, and grinding are hardly profitable, and in many cases, they will lose money. Therefore, turning, milling, planing, and grinding are usually ancillary processing of some product processing. For example, the processing of automotive product parts involves a large number of riveting, welding, laser cutting, and a combination of tooling with a certain technical content, and turning, milling, planing, and grinding are only part of it. In this case, the comprehensive can reach about 10%.

For sheet metal processing, traditional processing methods have almost no competitiveness, but in the case of relatively cheap human resources, it can still reach 5% to 10%. And the number of batches is not up. For more modern processing equipment, the processing of parts can generally reach more than 10%. But if it is a complete set of equipment processing, comprehensive phosphating, painting, spraying, baking and the aforementioned turning, milling, planing, grinding, riveting and welding processing can have a higher space. If there is still a certain design ability, then the profit margin will be even greater.

Profit is on the one hand, and processing capacity is also on the other. If you have a set of modern equipment, you can undertake large enough batch product processing. Then more than 5% of the space is acceptable. However, usually with high-efficiency processing capabilities and increased competitiveness, there should be no problem with good profit margins. Now, the processing of products can be completed solely by relying on general-purpose machinery and equipment, and it is very good to have a salary.

To be profitable, it must have its own unique characteristics: including the leading processing technology, resource saving, the streamlining of processing procedures and the combination of procedures, the development of advanced procedures in the entire processing process, and the adoption of some automatic or semi-automatic processing procedures. , Or using a small machine to do big work to reduce costs, etc., it is possible to squeeze some profit from it, but it will not be too high, but if you follow this line of thinking, there is a lot of potential to be tapped, and it is still worth doing. This needs to find the weaknesses of the entire processing process to be improved.

It is a common way to find some products with low processing level in the market. Fully understand the processing flow of the product, the existing processing technology and processing cost, and look for opportunities to succeed. If you have the ability, you can upgrade the product, which is a very good profit growth point. In recent years, we have gained a competitive advantage by upgrading other products to become our own unique products, so that we can obtain larger profits and are not easy to be caught up by our opponents.

Generally what others will do, you will do it too. a is about 5% with low quality; b is about 15% with high quality. Most manufacturers can’t complete about 80%; most manufacturers can’t complete, but there are about 50% of more than 100k. The second and third items need to have imported high-precision machinery and equipment (large investment), high-efficiency production efficiency (guarantee delivery time and delivery volume) and high quality. Of course, business sekishi and interpersonal sekishi are also possible!

We are engaged in large-scale assembling equipment. In addition to processing memos, some parts need to be processed externally, such as processing long shafts of more than 3 meters, which we cannot do by ourselves. Therefore, I can prove that the profit of this mechanical processing plant should be very high! Generally, we bring materials to process. The annual cost of external processing costs hundreds of thousands. There are about two or three processing sites. Basically, each family earns tens of thousands from me. Besides, if you are engaged in mechanical processing, the customer’s materials are only the labor costs, electricity costs, and machine wear costs, etc., and the risk is relatively small. For processing households like me, a few households earn hundreds of thousands, which should be pretty good!


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