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The new trend of mould manufacturing

The new trend of mould manufacturing

China’s mold industry has gone through more than half a century. Since the 20th century, China has begun to attach importance to the development of mold industry, and put forward that the government should support the development of mold industry, so as to drive the vigorous development of manufacturing industry. Our country’s processing cost is relatively low, the mold processing industry is becoming more and more mature, the technical level is constantly improving, the personnel quality is greatly improved, the domestic investment environment is getting better and better, various favorable factors make more and more foreign enterprises choose our country as the mold processing base.

More and more domestic enterprises feel the survival crisis because of the market prospect. Therefore, many enterprises begin to realize the importance of “brand” and “patent”, and the capital investment and ability of independent innovation continue to improve. For a long time, mold has been in the “rear” and “passive” position, so there are few “brand” and “patent”.

With the development of market economy, enterprises pay more and more attention to “brand” and “patent” in recent years. Some enterprises have realized the importance of innovation and R & D, and the investment has increased rapidly.

On the other hand, the government’s support is also increasing. The mold industry is Kunshan’s characteristic advantage, as well as Kunshan’s vitality and stamina. Today, Kunshan has been famous at home and abroad for its high precision, high difficulty and long life. Large tools, precision molds, rubber molds, die-casting molds, stamping molds and so on enjoy a high reputation at home and abroad. More and more attention has been paid by the industry.

In terms of precision plastic mold, we have been able to produce plastic parts mold for camera and mobile phone, multi cavity small module gear mold and 7800 cavity plastic sealing mold with precision up to 5 microns. In terms of large precision and complex die casting mould, it has been able to produce die casting mould for escalator integral pedal, automobile rear axle gear box and automobile engine shell, etc. in small die casting mould, it can produce zipper head, watch case, square piece, mountaineering buckle, etc.

In the aspect of automobile panel dies, it has been able to produce a full set of outer panel dies for mid-range new cars, as well as medical hardware accessories. The radial tire flexible die, aluminum alloy and plastic door and window profile extrusion die, investment casting or resin rapid forming drawing die produced in China have reached a fairly high level. The weight of the largest mould set produced in China has exceeded 100 tons.

There is a long way to go. While affirming the progress of China’s mold industry, compared with developed countries, China’s mold industry still has a big gap in technology, product level and management level.

The coverage rate of mold standard parts is only about 50%; The level of mold production specialization is still low; Although enterprises attach importance to the promotion and application of new technologies, the application level is not high enough

In addition, the development of China’s mold industry is unbalanced in geographical distribution. The most concentrated areas of mold production are in the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta, and the mold production sales account for more than two-thirds of the country. From the above development of China’s mold industry, it is not difficult to see that China has entered the world mold production power, but it is not a powerful country of mold industry. To catch up with the level of developed countries in the world, China’s mold industry still needs to make greater efforts

At present, China’s mold industry has entered a very important period of development. The rapid development of China’s manufacturing industry, especially the development of automobile manufacturing industry, promotes the continuous expansion of the domestic mold market. The number of foreign users purchasing molds in China is increasing, and the trend of international mold manufacturing gradually transferring to China is obvious. Therefore, looking forward to the future, China’s mold industry will have an opportunity period of sustained and rapid development.

In the face of this situation, the mold industry must grasp this opportunity period, promote the reform, adjust the structure, open up the market, work hard, improve the level and go to a new level. Enterprises should not only be bigger, but also stronger; Product production should be more specialized and refined; Enterprise management should be more efficient.

There is a big gap between China and developed countries in the overall level of mold products. This gap must catch up. The measure is to increase R & D and design and dare to innovate. However, the current situation of the industry is that the investment of scientific research funds is insufficient, the scientific research force is relatively weak, the level of personnel is uneven, the resources are scattered, and there is no public technology support system conducive to innovation.

In this regard, the industry must make great efforts to change. This is the foundation of becoming a powerful country in mould industry. The implementation of the technological innovation strategy of China’s Die & mould industry should be determined according to the national conditions. We should not emphasize that one step leads the world, but step by step. It is a leap on the basis of inheritance. We should take the technological leap road from imitation to innovation. With the help of foreign advanced mold technology and the advantage of professional development of dislocation competition, we should try our best to excavate the tacit knowledge of mold and realize the breakthrough of key technology to seek the leap forward development of technology. Only in this way can our mold industry develop better and better.


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